Slide With more than 100 years of experience in the shipbuilding industry,
Baglietto is the main supplier of Bulb flats
Slide ONE-STOP-SHOP SERVICES ABOUT US Bending Bulb flats, steel and aluminum formed plates and other metal
process from your strategic shipbuilding partner
Slide SORTING OUT SERVICES ABOUT US Plates, Bulb flats, and kit steel and aluminum loaded and delivered to optimize your production line Slide JUST-IN-TIME SERVICES ABOUT US Steel Mini-Blocks, kit parts, Bulb flats and shpbuilding structural profiles delivered according to the production yard line schedule

The History

BAGLIETTO – thanks to the Stock availability, quick delivery and a complete package of services offered to the Customers, such as in-house testing, blasting and coating, nesting, plasma cutting, steel preparation, plates forming, profiles bending, corrugated plates, welded beams, sub-assemblies and mini blocks.

All those services make one of the leading suppliers of Bulb flats, Marine steel  and alluminum to the Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Industry worldwide, with an experience of more than 100 years in the field.


The Biggest Treasure are our Clients

Giuseppe Baglietto, founder of Baglietto’s business, began as a commercial company for the distribution of generic steel and aluminum and his passion philosophy about satisfying customers is still alive into the current generations.


The most Strategic Shipbuilding and Shiprepair Partner

Baglietto decided to convert their activity in favor of Shipyards and Shiprepair customers. Dedication and committment for the Shipbuilding business become Baglietto’s priority.


Your Hull in Kit Form

Baglietto, focused more and more on the Shipbuilding business, have developed his activity investing in Shot-Blasting, Plasma Cutting, Forming, Bending, Welding  machineries becoming one of the most equipped and strategic Service Marine Steel and Aluminum centers for the Shipyards and Shiprepairs in Europe


Our Marine Steel and Aluminum sail Worldwide

Supplying material to the Shipyards from all 5 continents, Baglietto has consolidated his position as the most leading and strategic supplier of Marine steel and aluminum to the Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Industry worldwide, with an experience of more than 100 years in the field.


Skilled and Experienced People, Baglietto keeps growing

The growth of Baglietto’s business for Shipbuilding and Shiprepair is continously contributing by Skilled and Experienced People who make Bagliettos gains an excellent reputation as reliable international Marine Steel and Aluminum Stockholding and Trading Company. the future