• Workshop
  • Scantling plan
  • Assembly drawings
  • Nesting for cutting plates and profile
  • Plate and profile templates
  • Inverse bending curves
  • Part list

Functionalities of the management are:

  • Import cutting parts from CAD (DWG, DXF, DGN) and CNC file (ISO, ESSI).
  • Edit part name, section, assembly, thickness and material
  • Bevels editing with automatic corners loops
  • Definition of cut, no-cut, mark and text elements on contour
  • Thermal shrinkage compensation (increase the parts to reach accurate dimensions after welding)
  • Traceability of all cut parts
  • Experience of shipbuilding for CNC code generation
  • Export nested plates: CAD (DXF, DGN, PDF) and CNC file (ISO, ESSI)


The cooperation with many shipyards in Italy and around the world has enabled us to acquire a total flexibility in importing and optimizing any types of production documentation with the objective to further reducing both working time and material scrap. Last ten years of experience in cutting plates and profiles enables us to create CNC file that contains all details useful to automate every process for guaranteed high quality standards.




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