The History

BAGLIETTO Marine Steel Company was founded in late 1800 by Giuseppe Baglietto and since then has maintained the characteristics of family business and the fifth generation is now ushering in the activity.

Born as a commercial company for the distribution of generic steel, in 1980 joined shipbuilding industrial activities where is currently the undisputed european leader .

The BAGLIETTO depot of Novi Ligure occupies an area of 160.000 square meters, of which 46.000 square meters are sheltered, and is easily accessible by road, rail and sea. The BAGLIETTO perform steel and light alloy workings, commercialize and sells steel plates and profiles, especially for shipbuilding.

The BAGLIETTO company has long been in search of better internal organization in order to achieve the standard of quality that the market, the shipbuilding industry, requires. Property believes that all employees are aware of the improvement and the methods applied in the operation business are such that we can successfully deal according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification in all BAGLIETTO departments.



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